Buy the popular Buddy Gaming Chair?

Buddy the game chair is the newest innovation of chairs for gaming. Here is why.

The japanese buddy gaming chair is perfect for gaming, it doesn’t matter if  you are gaming on a Xbox, Playstation or pc, this is the chair for you! The already pre-ordered more than 2 million times. It is on the first place of best selling home attributes on the Japanese Amazon.  This amazing chair for gaming, reading, talking or just chilling is sold for only 50$. In Japan the chair is already for sale, in the US and EU not yet. But it won’t be long, we are working hard to make it available in your country. Don’t trust any western website who are already offering pre-orders.

Keep posted for more information about availability in your country.

Do you also sit on the floor in front of the television so you don’t miss a graphic of your favorite game?

Gaming will be much more comfortable with the buddy game chair.

It even has an adjustable spine


You can use the comfortable headrest for your elbows to lean on while gaming


The buddy gaming chair keeps your posture straight

The way you will sit while gaming, reading, talking or chilling will be ergonomically great. It is great for your muscles and spine. With the buddy game chair your will expierence less backpain while gaming or sitting.



This chair, also named as “buddy, the game chair” will be your buddy indeed!
For the Japanese market it will be available to buy in april. After this it will be available in all other countries as well. We will keep you posted on when the buddy chair is available in your country. Just fill in your emailadress here.


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Buddy the game chair has the following specs:

  • The size is: width 54 x depth 58 x height 50 cm / weight: 3,9 kg
  • The material outside is 100% polyester (mesh) Lining: 100% polyester / [pillow material] low-rebound urethaan, urethaanfoam.
  • adjustable head
  • easy to clean
  • untill now there are 4 different design, but there are more to come soon